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sapa Biking in Vietnam

Description: Vietnam is rapidly becoming one of the most popular countries in the world for adventurous bike touring. It’s easy to see why. This long, slender land with such an unhappy history has an amazing array of landscapes, with thousands…

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sapa Must-read tips: Vietnam visa and customs

Description: Here are some advice for tourists to avoid unexpected problems in the air port.

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sapa 18 Tips for harmonious family travels

Description: Keeping the whole family happy and content for two solid weeks was always going to be a huge ask! But make some plans and get the ground rules in place and the toddler tantrums and teen dramas will be…

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sapa Vietnam Information

The population of Socialist Republic of Viet Nam is more than 86 million with an urban population consisting of about 30%. There are 54 ethic minority groups living in Vietnam. The 'Kinh' people (or Viet) account for nearly 86% of…

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sapa Information when coming to Sapa

You can get to Sapa on train or on bus from Hanoi. The train is more convenient. There is even a luxury train departing every evening to Lao Cai from Hanoi’s main station. If you are traveling in a normal…

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sapa Traditional Saturday Market Sapa

I was told the saturday market in Sapa was just a tourist attraction. I expected to find more foreigners than locals....

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