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Hue architecture gets 3D look

Hue architecture gets 3D look
The Hue Relics Preservation Centre and its partners have completed a project to produce 3D images that feature historic architecture of the former imperial city.

The images use real-time rendering technology to depict Vo Thanh Temple, one of the city's most popular ancient relics, built in 1835 under the Minh Mang reign. 

Designed by architect Nguyen Phuoc Thien and his staff at the HCM City University of Architecture, in-co-operation with the centre's cultural researchers, all of the images contain sound and light effects. 

Touch screens on computers are used to sketch highlights or list feedback points that can be immediately duplicated on the screens during real-time discussions among users. "Our project can help restore historic works in Hue," said Thien. 

According to the Hue Relic Preservation Centre, the project is part of the centre's long-term programme to preserve and expand the values of Hue's history, culture and architecture. 

"We will work with Thien and his staff to use the technology in our restoration projects," said Phan Thanh Hai, the centre's deputy director.

Written by: Source: VNA.

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